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Northern born, London based multi-instrumentalist and producer Tyler Ellwood brings unique arrangements of sounds and ideas that are cohesive, yet abstract at the same time. He uses a signature sample style blended with live instrumentation and never leans too much to one conventional style. Ellwood likes to push the boundaries with each project, taking the listener on a journey from start to finish.

The producers first full length outing, Tropic consists of lo-fi soul and broken hip hop beats, starting upbeat and gradually getting more somber and chilled throughout. The following year Ellwood had a string of different projects, There's Light Somewhere, Too Many Days, 20:00 and ELWD Edits on bandcamp. Each release producing new ideas and concepts.

In 2017 he released his first vinyl release, All Good Things on Bad Taste Records. The album consisted of 20 experimental soundscapes, lo-fi and abstract in their origin yet pieced together and consistent as a final piece.

The following years Ellwood released BAD TIMING and COLLECTABLES. BAD TIMING brings live instruments to the forefront with reflective beats that play out like a distant fever dream. COLLECTABLES features live memories and raw samples.

2020 see’s the new release of DANDELION, where Ellwood has gained a fresh perspective on his music during lockdown, he combines various elements of lo-fi funk, jazz, electronic and hip hop, yet all being put together intricately and thoughtfully.

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